Trekathon 074: Requiem for Methuselah (TOS)

There was a potential here for a truly fascinating character – a man who had not only lived through millenia, but had in fact been some of the greatest people in history. But instead the episode noticed that it’s been three episodes since Kirk last got the girl, so let’s focus on that.

The episode starts with Kirk and Co. looking for ‘Ri-Talin’. Doesn’t matter how hard you try Kirk, we know the fever is just a cover for a mass outbreak of ADD on the Enterprise…

For the record, suspension of disbelief for this episode failed when Spock, off hand, just happened to recognise the handwriting of Brahms.

74 down, 663 to go. And tune back in at 9pm tonight (AEDT) for my live blog of The Way to Eden.