Trekathon 070: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield (TOS)

Star Trek’s infamous ‘racism’ episode.

The problem with this episode isn’t just that it takes its moral and beats you over the head with it until you plead ‘enough’. No, in addition to that it has some pretty bad acting from one of the guest stars (Loki, I thought the Commissioner was mostly OK), some dreadful directing decisions (particularly the ‘zoom in and out on the red alert’ choice, which the director felt was so important he had to do it twice), and a script which clearly didn’t have enough leading to some dreadful ‘fill’ scenes (Scotty decontaminating the planet is the most obvious suspect there).

But it does at least have a relatively late ‘first’ for classic Star Trek – the first self destruct sequence.

70 down, 667 to go.