Trekathon 059: And the Children Shall Lead (TOS)

A fairly middling episode – not as bad as some, not as good as some.

The children never really felt menacing. There can be a quiet menace to children, but the direction of the episode falls a little flat in that regard. The children come across as bratty and spoiled, but are never menacing or scary.

But the plot works well, and despite his increasing tendency for munching on the scenery Shatner has some nice pieces as he loses control of the Enterprise to the kids.

As an aside, one thing I’ve enjoyed so far in Star Trek is that the ‘idiot plot’ never shows up. You know the one, I’m sure: the plot which is sustained only by wilful idiocy on the part of someone ignoring or failing to see some crucial clue. Star Trek manages to avoid this, with the leads normally working out what’s happening very quickly. It’s harder to write, but a lot more enjoyable to watch.

59 down, 678 to go.