Trekathon 050: Balance of Power (TOS)

Nazis in Space!

Every now and then I think there’s a Star Trek episode where someone in accounting said “Why can’t you just use these old sets and costumes we have lying around instead of buying new ones”. 1920s Chicago, 1960s LA, and here we are with the Nazis.

Still, whatever the origin this was a very good episode. It’s not very deep, and the episode just kind of sidesteps a lot of the issues to do with the Final Solution and the Jews. But the plot moves along sharply, and there’s a nice ‘twist’ towards the end (a fairly predictable one of course).

I’d love to see a version of this episode where the culture had gone into space, but I suppose I have to be realistic about the budget for the average Star Trek episode.

50 episodes down! Of course, 687 episodes left to go. 7.5% complete.