Trekathon 044: The Trouble with Tribbles (TOS)

A beloved Star Trek classic. Does it hold up?

I think so. It’s mainly an episode played for laughs, but the laughs are pretty good ones. The story rolls along nice and quickly, and there are some nice character moments for Mr Scott.

(One of he surprising things from watching all this Star Trek is how big a part Scotty has. By stereotype he does little other than say ‘the engines cannae take it’, but he’s gotten quite a few substantial plot lines so far).

The tribbles aren’t exactly the greatest special effect ever – they really needed Graeme Garden from the Goodies to show them how to bring a small ball of fur to life.

And I’m not sure Mr Scott’s beaming the tribbles onto the Klingon ship was much better than sending them into space – the Klingons, after all, are going to hunt down and kill every single one of them.

One thing I am getting sick of: the ‘Russians invented everything’ joke from Chekhov. It just makes him seem like an idiot.

44 down, 693 to go.