Trekathon 039: Journey to Babel (TOS)

Spock gets a family, and unlike Kirk’s relatives last season these ones get to live.

While the episode was a lot of fun, I had some problems with the premise. Why would you cram a starship full of disputing delegations – surely a few different starships are the way to go here. Still, the overall plot of the episode is more complex than average, drawing together multiple threads. And Star Trek gets its first Cantina scene, with the many different species seen in some of the scenes. It gives a sense of diversity that was entirely missing from season one.

It seems to me that there are an awful lot of people around who aren’t very familiar with the ways that Vulcans think. For instance, people who have commanded Vulcans for years, or been married to them for years. It seems every time this plot comes along there is a call for ‘more human emotions’ – seems like the diversity training on the Enterprise could do with a bit more work.

39 down, 698 to go.