Trekathon 037: I, Mudd (TOS)

So, what was the first protagonist to recur on Star Trek?

The Romulans? No.

The Kinglons? No.

The Mirror Universe? No.

Nope, none of those, or any other of the protagonists from the good episode. No, it’s Harry Mudd. Star of what I thought was the worst episode of Season 1.

Again, this episode is mainly played for laughs. It’s a bit more successful than last time, because we start from a position of knowing a lot more about all the characters involved. Still, it all drags on for far longer than it’s really welcome for.

An unwelcome trend developing in this season is repetition. In this case, the resolution of the episode is fundamentally the same as in The Changeling, just a few short episodes ago.

As an aside, it seems that Harry Mudd is the forerunner of Cory Doctorow: “Knowledge, Sir, should be free to all”.

37 down, 700 to go.