Trekathon 031: Who Mourns for Adonais? (TOS)

My first question after watching this episode was ‘who on Earth is Adonais’?

It’s a strange episode title, easily the strangest so far.

As an episode, it’s not bad, overall. The ‘what if the gods where from the skies’ thing was actually fairly new: Erich von Daniken’s book *Chariots of the Gods* wouldn’t actually be published until the year after this episode aired. Chekov gets his first substantial appearance this episode, although it’s not exactly wonderful in terms of his character development. Scotty gets a lot more, although he doesn’t really work as the lovelorn type: surely he’s more practical than that.

Another example of apparent sexism: strange things change the male cast member costumes: “what’s going on?”. Female cast members: “Oh, how pretty”. Not sure how much of this is the 60s, and how much is Gene Roddenberry. The character of Lt Palmas isn’t so much a person as a convenient locus for the plot.

31 down, 706 to go. I’ve slipped a little behind due to a weekend off, but I’ll catch up this week.