Trekathon 024: This Side of Paradise (TOS)

Some great moments, but generally a fairly slow episode.

I really like the part of this episode with Kirk wandering around like a lonely god on the otherwise abandoned Enterprise. It almost feels like the kind of nightmare any slightly insecure starship captain might have from time to time. And the fight scene between Kirk and Spock, with Kirk finding the worst insults he can for Spock, is also a lot of fun.

But otherwise it didn’t feel like there was enough to fill the episode in. One difference I’ve noticed between ‘modern’ and ‘classic’ Star Trek is the B story – modern Star Trek always has one or even two other plots running in parallel, while there hasn’t really been one at all so far in this series. It gives the episode something of a plodding feel compared to more recent TV.

24 down, 713 to go.