Trekathon 022: Space Seed (TOS)

The episode so good they made a movie as its sequel. Well, not really. The episode is pretty good, but it didn’t exactly scream ‘sequel’.

Watching this today the episode falls for a common trap in Science Fiction – giving too specific a date in the near future. Referring to Khan ruling a quarter of the world in the early 90s seems strange and dated now. Still, I doubt anyone at the time was thinking that we’d still be watching Star Trek in the 90s, let alone the early 2010s.

That aside, it’s a fairly good episode that develops a little slowly. Ricardo Montalban is much more understated here than in Star Trek II (granted there’s a fair amount of room to move there). But it’s disappointing to see ‘super men’ reduced largely to ‘can hit other people hard and knock them out’. The movie makes better use of the premise, but even there Khan comes across more like Genghis Khan than a Napoleon.

22 down, 715 to go. 3.32% complete, so one-thirtieth complete.