Trekathon 020: Court Martial (TOS)

Another first for a plot that Star Trek would use time and again: the court martial episode.

Of course, that brings another element with it, which is perfectly dreadful treatment of real life law and procedure in courts. My lawyer wife was shouting at the screen in places during this episode.

Generally it’s pretty pedestrian. There’s the edge of something interesting with the daughter of the dead crewman, but nothing gets done with it. The trial scenes itself seem padded, and everything comes down to seemingly incontrovertible footage from the bridge.

Still, the mystery and the resolution are nice, and the episode did flesh out the universe behind Star Trek a little. There’s still a long way to go with that – by my reckoning, there hasn’t been a single reference to the Federation so far. But slowly the vision is starting to creep beyond the Enterprise alone.

20 down, 717 to go. And 1,000 minutes watched.