Trekathon 018: Arena (TOS)

Ah, back to Vasquez Rocks. So soon!

(And, I noticed, actually going there twice in the one episode – both planets seen have been shot at the same location, if you look closely).

Another iconic episode, and one which is quite different to my memory of it. In memory I just recalled the final sequence with kirk and the Gorn on the planet, facing off against each other. But that’s only the final third of the episode, and I’d forgotten all of the build up to that point.

One of the things I’ve noticed in the series so far is how solid the acting from William Shatner is, and by contrast how little there is from Leonard Nimoy. Now it’s not fair to criticise Nimoy, as it’s really a function of the script more than anything else. But it’s an interesting contrast to both the reaction at the time (“Spock-mania”), and my own impression of the movies.

(On a side note, I found a list in one of my old Star Trek books of the TOS episodes, with the ones I’d seen marked off. I was surprised to see that I’d actually watched well over 2/3 of the original Star Trek series. I certainly aren’t remembering that many of them by now).

18 down, 719 to go.