Trekathon 017: The Squire of Gothos (TOS)

A great episode, which clearly influenced the later development of one of Star Trek’s most enjoyable characters, Q.

William Campbell is great as the Squire. He plays the role in a very clever way, which both sustains the suspense of the episode, but also makes the final reveal feel like a revelation, rather than a cheat. There’s some good acting by the regular crew along the way, but it simply wouldn’t work without the great guest star.

One of the problems with watching all this Star Trek is that there are many classic parts which have been parodied. It is hard, then, to keep a straight face at the end of the episode if you’ve also seen the Futurama episode with Melvin, and his parents. (I must remember to go back and watch that episode again once I’ve finished TOS).

17 down, 720 to go.