Trekathon 015: Shore Leave (TOS)

I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to like this episode from the introduction. Giant white rabbits don’t really fit with my idea of what Star Trek should be.

The episode at least partly redeemed itself, though. The idea (and script by SF stalwart Ted Sturgeon) was a good one, and some of the individual dreams were quite interesting. The big problem the episode ended up having was that there simply wasn’t enough plot to fill 50 minutes. In particular, Kirk’s fight with Finnegan seems to go on forever. There’s a couple of other moments as well (such as the final scene on the bridge) that made me think that they just didn’t have a long enough script to fill 50 minutes, so they had to pad it out somehow.

Great Trek moment: the mountain with the distinctive skyline ([Vasquez Rocks](, to later be made famous by Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, makes its first appearance here.

15 down, 722 to go.