Trekathon 013: The Conscience of the King (TOS)

Yikes this is a bad episode.

For a start, nothing about this story makes it a Star Trek story. This story could have been in any one of twenty TV series with very little problem. I’m pretty sure this would even work as a Love Boat episode.

And then there’s the overacting. I know they’re meant to be Shakespearean actors, but the final scene is just completely ridiculous and over the top. I know it was meant to be tragic, but really I just couldn’t stop giggling.

There are some nice bits here – Spock’s efforts to find out what’s going on, his relationship with Bones, and so on. But Kirk doesn’t co-operate with them for no reason other than it would be inconvenient to the plot.

Also, I can’t hear ‘Kodos’ without thinking of the Simpsons now, even if this is where they stole it from.

13 down, 724 to go.