Trekathon 005: The Enemy Within (TOS)

Another solid episode. I find it interesting that Trek so far is consistently taking the more ‘character’ based approach. The simple way to do this episode is to have the ‘evil’ Kirk wander around for the whole episode fooling us. But instead he’s captured and secured for most of the episode, and instead the focus is on the ‘good’ Kirk, and what it is he’s missing.

Where the episode falls down is in a slightly heavy-handed bit of exposition from Spock (and Bones) to explain everything. It almost felt as if it was reshot later to make the plot ‘clearer’. But that could just be dodgy 60s editing.

Also: it’s clear that Kirk/Spock was he wrong choice for the fanfic world, the real passion is Kirk/Kirk. “I have to take him back inside myself”. Really?

Special effect of the episode: the alien creature that was not at all a dog dressed in a silly costume.

“He’s Dead Jim”: 1 (total 2)

Red shirts: None. 6 so far, and not one wearing a piece of red clothing.

5 down, 732 to go. And down to 3 behind.