Trekathon 004: Naked Time (TOS)

The first episode to really suffer due to the existence of the other series: I can’t help but think about the TNG episode (only a bit over a month away) when seeing this one.

It’s a pretty fun episode, with some good (if a teensy bit overwrought) character development for Spock. There’s a level of earnestness to the show that is a little ‘naff’.

Also a good Scotty episode – the first ridiculous promise (‘ready in 2 seconds’), and the famous “I can’t change the laws of physics.

The setup at the end for ‘hey, we can do Time Travel now’ is pretty blatant. But it never gets used! All the other episodes with time travel used some other method.

Red Shirts: 1 (still not one wearing a red shirt).

4 down, 733 to go.