Trekathon 001: The Man Trap (TOS)

January 1st, 2010

“Captain’s Log …”

And so it begins. The Man Trap, the first aired episode of TOS. I’m going to be doing this by original air date, which means that I’m not actually going to get to The Cage until after the first season of TNG.

Impressions? After a slow start it’s a good little SF tale, with the shape shifter used nicely. Captain Kirk is a bit of a dick throughout, it’s hard to see why Bones gets on with him based on this episode. There’s also a spectacularly sexist scene with Spock and Uhura on the bridge that really dates the episode badly. But there’s some glimmers here of what Trek would become.

(BTW, the Uhura/Spock thing is notable mainly because it stands out even next to the background level 60s sexism and objectification).

Best special effect: the plant that is absolutely in no way a frilly pink glove with a hand in it.

Red shirts: 4, not one of which was wearing a red shirt (2 blues, a yellow and an engineering smock).

“He’s Dead Jim”: 1 (well, 1/2 I suppose, he just says “Dead, Jim”. But close enough).

1 down, 736 to go.