Recent books completed

Books that I’ve finished since May or so this year:

*Six Easy Pieces*, Richard Feynman

*Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets*, David Simon

*Shambling Towards Hiroshima*, James Morrow

*The End of Days*, Gershom Gorenberg

*Zoe’s Tale*, John Scalzi

*I, Robot: The Illustrated Screenplay*, Harlan Ellison

*The Ascent of Money*, Niall Ferguson

*The Graveyard Book*, Neil Gaiman

*The Walking Dead*, Volumes 1-5, Robert Kirkman

*Fables*, Volumes 1-12, Bill Willingham

*Jack of Fables*, Volumes 1-5, Bill Willingham

*T-Minus*, Jim Ottaviani

*Discover Your Inner Economist*, Tyler Cowen

*House of Cards*, William D. Cohan

*Bad Science*, Ben Goldacre

*Agincourt*, Juliet Barker

*The Invisible Hook*, Peter Leeson

*The Good Book*, David Plotz

*US Guys*, Claude LeDuff

*Victory of Eagles*, Naomi Novik

*To The Bitter End*, Peter Hartcher

*Losing It*, Annabel Crabb