Month: April 2009

  • The return of the blog

    Not yet. But soon. Let’s just say that if you were beware the ides of May, you’d be leaving it too late.

  • 52/30/5 Week 15

    Last of the catch ups, taken in Commonwealth park near the lake. What was meant to be the AFP building before they decided they didn’t fit: A sign of autumn arriving: A duck: The High Court on the other side of the lake: And a stream in the park: All of the [photos taken]( are […]

  • 52/30/5 Week 14

    Week 14 is a trip to Canberra’s old abandoned planetarium: And the [full set]( can be seen on Flickr.

  • 52/30/5 Week 13

    Whoops, took a little while to get back to this. But this weekend I finally caught up. So, first for week 13 I took a few photographs around Woden shopping mall: The Woden bus interchange: A construction site next to the mall: And a few of the office buildings: As always, the [full set]( is […]