Month: December 2007

  • On Hiatus

    Hi All. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I decided to go on hiatus until the new year, but forgot to put up anything letting you know… I’m busily preparing a nice buffer of posts, so expect to see lots of stuff come January 1.

  • Too much information

    [Why too much information can destroy your bosses mind]( Getting the information sharing balance right is the trickiest part of the ‘information worker’ thing. It requires precise judgement and continuous re-evaluation. But this is yet another reason for Blackberry’s to be returned to the circle of hell they originated from. Except for me of course, […]

  • Micro-Aid

    [One-to-one loans for entrepreneurs in the developing world]( Fascinating, brilliant and tempting. As I look at the page now, you can lend money to a shoe salesman in Lahore and a clothes store in Nicaragua.