Films: October to November 2007

Movies coming up in the next couple of months, and my thoughts ([as according to IMDB](

* *[A Mighty Heart](*: Interesting, has a few good reviews it seems. Does also look pretty depressing… Probably.

* October 18: *[Saw IV](*. I have a fond hope to never, ever see any of the movies in the *Saw* series. Not if wild horses dragged me.

* October 25: *[Waitress](*: I like the sound of this one, sounds like a nice little romantic comedy. Bit of a tragic back story for the director, though. Likely.

* November 1: *[Death Proof](*: Quentin Tarantino’s very misunderstood ode to 50s B-movies. I’d prefer to see *Grindhouse*, but this’ll do… Very likely.

* November 1: *[The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford](*: Interesting sounding western, Brad Pitt as Jesse James. Didn’t get great reviews, but I’m interested by the ideas. Likely.

* November 15: *[Elizabeth: The Golden Age](*. Cate Blanchett returns to one of her greatest roles. The reviews have not been kind, but most of the complaints would apply equally to the first film as well, so I’m optimistic. Definitely.

* November 15: *[Fred Claus](*. Cookie cutter seasonal rubbish with Vince Vaughn. Nope.

* November 29: *[Beowulf](*. Script by Roger Avary and Neil Gaiman, check. Greatest medieval epic poem, check. Naked digital Angelina Jolie, check. How could this go wrong? Definitely.