Harry Potter and the Penultimate Evening

One more night until Book 7.

The only real purpose of this post is to provide fair warning: as of Sunday morning, I may be posting spoilers to this blog. I won’t put anything on the main page or the feed, but be warned that any Harry Potter post from Sunday may have spoilers for book 7 in it.

Of course, the same is probably true of the Internet as a whole. If you want to stay unspoiled, then either unplug your computer and TV and cancel your newspaper and magazine subscriptions, or buy the book first thing tomorrow and read it immediately.

So, for my last chance to speculate, a few thoughts (based on nothing more than having read the first 6 books, and scrupulously avoiding all possible spoilers so far):

* I don’t know who’s going to die in the book. My feeling is that it’ll be pretty bloody. If JK were keen on avoiding sequels, then Harry, Hermione and Ron will go. But as she doesn’t sound so opposed (sadly…), then I suspect that only one of the three will die. If one of those three *doesn’t* die, then it’s a cop out.

* Snape will turn out to be good.

* Voldemort will die, but the death eaters won’t be destroyed.

* Dumbledore will return, probably a la Obi Wan in Star Wars.

* Time travel may show up again. No reason, just feels like it might.

* Sirius will return, probably for real. And then die.

* Harry will not kill Voldemort, but someone else will.

I’ll know in a little under 24 hours. Look for a review (with spoilers) Sunday evening.