Harry Potter and the Invasion of the Fan-Fic

July 17th, 2007

Another feaure of Harry Potter is the tuly amazing volume of fan fiction (fanfic for short) that have been written.1 It’s getting close to overtaking Star Trek…

One site alone has over 42,000 stories, written by over 20,000 different authors. Some of it is very, very good. But that’s not any fun…

A few highlights (which, with one exception, I’ve not read any of):

  • Masquearade: Ginny Weasley and Draco Malfoy date.

  • Its Good to Have Friends: Dumbledore’s niece Avi joins the school, and promptly becomes best friends with Harry and the others. Funnily enough, written by someone called Avi…

  • The Year When Everything Changed: Harry’s parents are transported from the past into Harry’s final year at Hogwarts

  • Missing: Malfoy and Hermione are forced to tutor younger students together, but slowly they begin to see more.

  • And then there’s My Immortal: Quite possibly the worst piece of fan fiction ever written. Please don’t read it. You’ll scar your brain.

Although, for my money, if you still want brain melting-ly bad fanfic, you can’t go past Star Trek and Stephen Ratliff.

  1. Just to be perfectly clear, I think fanfic is a very valid form of writing. There are a lot of pro writers who write fanfic under pseudonyms. Writing is writing, and borrowing someone else’s settings or characters doesn’t make it less writing.