Is the US more sexist or racist

The US presidential nomination season seems to be starting really early this year. Mainly due, of course,

to the fact that over half the primaries (by votes) will happen by the first week of February.

So far the race on the Democrat side is down to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Neither of them is

a ‘typical’ candidate – one is a woman, and one is black. Which has led me to speculate a few times

about which one of those two has the smallest disadvantage. Or, to put it another way, is the United

States more sexist or more racist?

A friend of mine pointed out another good way of thinking about it on these lines – which Star Trek

captain was accepted more easily? The black captain (Sisko, in Deep Space 9), or the female captain

(Janeway, in Voyager). For those of you who *aren’t* Star Trek nerds, the answer is that the black

captain was far less controversial at the time.

To be more scientific, [a recent Gallup poll]( found that

women and african americans were equally palatable (around 60%) as a president. Interestingly, though,

Republican voters were far more likely to vote for an african american than a woman (67 to 54). And

[another recent poll]( looking at the head-to-head

support of Clinton and Obama is also interesting: Obama’s race was a reason to prefer Clinton for only

2 per cent of those who chose Clinton over Obama, but 7 per cent of those who chose Obama over Clinton

mentioned her gender as a reason.

My personal guess is that the sexism overrides the racism, and so I expect that Obama will win

the nomination. But it’ll be an interesting race to follow.