Enjoying the victory

I’ve been watching the commentators at The Corner, where they’re learning to come to terms with the election defeat of the US Republicans:

A friend of mine […] has long argued for amending  the constitution so presidents have one five year term and then can only run for one two year term. Eight years is too long.

Especially if they might be a Democrat next time…

Not only were successful conservative governors elected or re-elected in a number of states (admittedly, mostly in the South), but in a few places, Texas among them, state legislatures actually experienced a net conservative gain.

Which just goes to show what a bit of gerrymandering can do for you…

I still think we can get to victory in Iraq, broadly defined.

For instance, if I define it as ‘defeating Saddam’, we’re golden.

This Makes Me Furious […] Bolton unlikely to win Senate approval.

Because with Santorum gone we’re running out of raving lunatics on the right.

I find federal holidays that fall on weekends so confusing.

OK, no political joke here. Just funny anyway…

It’s entirely understandable and predictable that in the wake of this election liberals would go into wishful thinking mode and declare that they’ve escaped history.

Does the phrase ‘permanent conservative majority’ ring any bells?

Oh, I could do this all day. But probably shouldn’t…