Month: October 2006

  • Genocide: a primer

    A quick primer for beginners: Yes, genocide: the premidated, state mediated murder of over 5.7 million members of a single ethnic group. No, not genocide: criticising $350 million in relief payments to farmers. John Cobb describes [comments made by Clive Hamilton] as “agrarian genocide”. Any questions?

  • A blast from Apple’s past

    Via Peeve Farm is this video from the 1997 MacWorld, with Steve Jobs announcing the deal with Microsoft. It’s fascinating watching Steve – he’s so clearly hating what he has to announce, but he has to as it’s the only way to save the company. When the introduction of Internet Explorer as the default browser […]

  • Waiting for Nintendo

    It is now 52 days to go until the release of the Nintendo Wii, the most interesting looking of the nextgen consoles. Personally I find it hard to get excited about the PS3 or the Xbox360 – they’re just a lot faster and prettier. But the Wii brings a whole new way of playing games. […]

  • The new US TV year

    I’ve been watching (via the magic of the internet) a few of the new TV shows for this year from the US. A few thoughts (in order from worst to best): Jericho: Interestingly enough being aired the same week on Channel 10 here in Australia. Sadly, that’s the only interesting thing about this derivative bit […]

  • Wiki-nteering

    I’ve made up a fun new game to play on Wikipedia, called Wiki-nteering. First, you decide on an article that’s the target (let’s say the orienteering page). Then you hit the ‘Random Page’ button, and try to find your way to the target page using the fewest clicks possible. You can only use the main […]

  • Winston with a shoe

    Winston with a shoe Originally uploaded by Exasperated Calculator. Here’s another picture of the kitten, as well as a quick test of a new way of posting photos to the site. Update: Hmmm, the picture seems to be blocked from Treasury, but everything else works well.