Month: August 2006

  • Weight: 108.1kg Breakfast: None (forgot…) Lunch: Vegemite Sandwich Dinner: ‘Piri piri’ chicken with rice Snacks: None Steps: 9,921

  • Weight: 109.1kg Breakfast: Just Right Lunch: Vegemite Sandwich Dinner: Pasta with Chicken & White Wine Sauce Snacks: None Steps: 8,634

  • The Diet

    OK, not a good couple of months. Time to take this seriously now.

  • Weight: 110.0kg Brunch: Steak Sandwich Dinner: Ham & Cheese toasted sandwich Snack: Dried apricots Exercise: 18,636 steps Resolve: Very high

  • Second round effects – a primer

    From the Los Angeles Times: Bird flu has killed 134 people around the world, sickened hundreds more and forced the culling of millions of poultry from Vietnam to Nigeria. Now it is smashing the world of badminton. Which, of course, is why it’s usually a fools errand to try and forecast these second round impacts […]

  • The WWDC is coming

    The Apple World Wide Developer Conference is on next week (7-11 August), and starts with Steve Jobs doing his annual sermon to the faithful. Traditionally he’ll be announcing some shiny new products. This is then the appropriate time for wild speculation about what will get announced. Here are some guesses and thoughts for myself [Updated […]