Month: June 2006

  • New Toy

    (Yes, I have more money than sense). Update: Of course, it goes without saying that my buying this implies that my wife is a very wonderful, tolerant person. Who helped me save $100 off the price, too.

  • Idiots to a high power

    While checking the Apple Movie Trailers site I came across a trailer for America: Freedom to Fascism. From watching the trailer, it seems to be the most prominent example yet of the tax protestor lunacies about the legality of the US income tax system. Except rather than being promoted through dodgy seminars and mimegraphed leaflets, […]

  • Best. Watch. Ever.

    No more need be said. From Think Geek.

  • Google spreadsheets is not an Excel killer

    It seems that lots of people are all aflutter over Google Spreadsheets. I personally doubt that it’s going to have any impact whatsoever on Excel and Office more generally. Firstly, most people who use Excel use it fairly peripherally. Word is by far the most used of the programs in the Office suite. Most uses […]

  • Movie Review: The Da Vinci Code

    For the first time in months we actually got out to see a movie last night. Given the pretty average range at the moment (Poseidon, MI: 3 and X3 were the other choices) we ended up going to The Da Vinci Code. Overall, a pretty competent thriller with some nice moments and a few flaws. […]

  • Weight: 106.4kg Breakfast: None Lunch: None Dinner: None Snacks: 9 Rice Cake Things Total: 270 kCal Exercise: ~90 mins walking

  • Weight: 105.7kg Breakfast: None Lunch: Kingsleys Chicken Dinner: Hot Potato Snacks: Cakes, Pack of Chicos, Tic Tacs Total: 2430kCal Exercise: 30 mins walk

  • Look out allhomes…

    Like most people, I have always wanted to buy a castle. Actually, the prices are a bit cheaper than I expected. Around $A17m for a large chateau in Burgandy seems quite reasonable. I’d hate to know what the upkeep on these properties is like, though.

  • Weight: 106.0kg Breakfast: Just Right Lunch: Vegemite sandwich Dinner: Small margarita pizza Snacks: None Total: 953kCal Exercise: None

  • The Gapminder World 2006 beta –

    Via Brad De Long, The Gapminder World 2006. Very, very cool data visualisation. (Not particularly ground breaking, but the user interface and animations are the best bits from my point of view). Now can someone please do something for the Australian economic data?