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Countdown to Star Trek: Discovery – 164 days to go

December 18th, 2016

Another sliver of news, this time casting for a lead:

Star Trek: Discovery has finally found its Number One: Sonequa Martin-Green. […] She’s Lieutenant Commander Rainsford

Another actor I’m not very familiar with (geek confession: I don’t watch The Walking Dead, it’s just never appealed very much to me). I think the idea of not focusing on the Captain is a good one, but not really as ground breaking as it’s being presented sometimes. After all, TNG really had very few stories that focused on Picard per se, and Voyager had few stories that really focused on Janeway.

There was also another bit of news from earlier in the week which I missed:

CBS All Access’ show has added three new castmembers—all reportedly playing Klingons—to Star Trek: Discovery. This tells us that instead of the traditional rotating cast of Klingons, we’re going to have an ongoing focus on specific members of the Klingon Empire.

This is more in the sigh category for me. Klingons are probably the dullest of the recurring ‘villain’ races, and while I’d love to see a more nuanced approach I suspect that isn’t what we’re going to get. This pretty much confirms my earlier guess about it being in the ‘Klingon Cold War’ period. The real question – will they go for Klingon makeup (a la TNG) or for the ‘augment’ human appearance of TOS (as seen in the very end of Enterprise).

Countdown to Star Trek: Discovery – 179 days to go

December 3rd, 2016

More news, this time a bit more worrying.

Even though it had been said that Bryan Fuller would remain an executive producer for Star Trek: Discovery, Fuller is now clarifying that the only work he will do on season one of the show is what he’s already done.

This suggests that there’s a lot more going wrong behind the scenes than we’ve seen before. While Bryan Fuller was overcommitted with American Gods, the lack of a new clear controlling vision suggests that we might be heading towards the corporate blandness (and failure to understand Trek) of a lot of the worst of Voyager and Enterprise.

No need to panic quite yet, but I am a bit less optimistic than I had been.

Countdown to Star Trek Discovery – 181 days to go

December 1st, 2016

Big news today is some information on casting. We have three roles:

  • Michelle Yeoh as Captain Georgiou. Weirdly, captain of the Shenzhou, not the Discovery. Most famous for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, this is a big name for the cast, although probably a more minor role.

  • Doug Jones as Lieutenant Saru. Has hardly ever appeared on TV without being in some kind of monster makeup, and will be playing an alien again here.

  • Anthony Rapp as Lieutenant Samets. More famous as a broadway star (he was in the initial production of Rent), this will be quite a new thing for him. His character is described as a fungus expert.

Overall – interesting, but hard to see where the show is going from these.

Countdown to Star Trek: Discovery: 257 days to go

September 16th, 2016

What’s that you say? Wasn’t the counter at 171 days a month ago.

News today is that Discovery has been delayed until May 2017. I’m using 31 May as the date until I get better information.

Overall, not too worried about this. With no news on casting or filming a January release had been looking unusual for a bit. And more time normally means higher quality. I’m happy to wait. Especially now they missed the 50th anniversary.

Countdown to Star Trek: Discovery – 171 days to go

August 13th, 2016

A few more pieces of information came out this week, giving a better picture of how the show is going to be.

  • The lead of the show will be a female Star Fleet lieutenant. This is interesting, in that all the previous shows have had the captain of the ship (or station) as the lead. Given that we’ve had years of stories focusing on the command crew I think it’ll be a good change of pace.

  • The timeline will be 10 years before the start of The Orginal Series. This allows for some overlap, but not too much. It is going to make it quite difficult to have a ‘look and feel’ too different from TOS without the show feeling disconnected from the timeline. I’ll wait and see how the on-set pictures look, but a bit worried about this. I’d prefer something a bit further removed, really.

  • It’s about ‘an incident in the history of Starfleet that had been talked about but never fully explored’. From the timeline this is the Klingon-Federation Cold War period, although I think there’s been so much time spent on Klingons I’d prefer something a bit fresher.

  • Season one is thirteen episodes. Good – for a heavily serialised story that’s about right, even Game of Thrones with ten per season ends up with a bit of filler.

  • More info (possibly a trailer) coming in October.

Countdown to Star Trek: Discovery – 191 days to go

July 24th, 2016

The first details of the new show are starting to appear:

  • It will be called ‘Star Trek: Discovery’. Nice name, terrible abbreviation.

  • It takes place in the ‘prime’ timeline (that is, not the one of the past three movies).

  • It will be a ‘serial’ show, with each episode building the story over the course of a season.

  • The setting is the USS Discovery, NCC-1031. Which suggests that it’s set somewhere between the time of Enterprise (2150s) and The Original Series (2260s).

The only premiere date set so far is ‘January 2017’, so my countdown is based on 31 January. I’ll be doing updates as new information appears. So far, it’s hard to tell.

I’d love to see the Romulan war, but that’s too close to Enterprise’s timeline. It could be the first conflict with the Klingons (the 2220s), which would also be good.