The Redskins don’t suck…

June 19th, 2007


As at least a few people reading this know, my sport of choice is the NFL. The pre-season kickoff is in a little over a month. Which means that technically speaking the two teams I support (the Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders) are, right this moment, equal leaders of the NFL. With around 30 other teams, of course…

Which is not to say they have a great chance, of course. The Redskins are currently at 18:1 to win the NFC championship, and the Oakland Raiders are 45:1 to win the AFC championship. The New England Patriots are 6:5 to win the AFC, by comparison.

Oakland has had a few bad years recently. Ever since the complete meltdown in the Superbowl a few years ago they’ve been completely in the wilderness, and they’re showing no signs of getting better. My fondest hope is that they can manage to win as many games as they lose. They’re also in the AFC, which has several dominant teams.

The Redskins look a little more interesting. They went 5-11 last year, which is a lot poorer than they should be able to manage. They have quite a bit of talent, and avery interesting coach. They have a very strong running back in Clinton Portis, and Antwan Randle El has a lot of talent as a wide receiver, and Chris Cooley and Sanatana Moss have a lot to offer. The big problem is a lack of serious quarterback. If they can find a good quarterback, or if their existing quarterback can find a rhythm, then 2007 could be a good year for Washington.

But most likely it’s all downhill from here.